Thursday, August 27, 2009


It has been a long time since I bought "real" shoes. I've tried to make do with Walmart Earth Spirit and Dr. Scholl's brand shoes, but my feet are killing me! So I headed downtown to Anderson's Shoes and bought some comfort shoes. I bought TWO pairs of Danskos. I tried on the first pair, and they felt great, so I tried on a second pair. Hopefully, that will help the foot aches I've been having. The sales person says they will hold up "forever." I sure hope so! I like the slogan: "not the only pair of shoes, but my favorite pair." I hope these shoes live up to the name!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last day of summer vacation

School starts for me tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm "ready." I haven't felt like school is about to start. I don't have plans or ideas for the coming year. Well, actually, I do. I am going to stress the interactive notebooks as a methodology to increase student achievement. I have to complete two GBE goals. I wonder if the PBIS team can be one of the goals?

It was a productive summer. We are mostly settled in the new house. We put up a lot of produce--25 quarts of tomatoes (or perhaps one or two more), peaches, salsa, pepper jelly, and spaghetti sauce. We will probably get some peas and maybe some late corn, if the weather holds out and we get some much needed rain. It's stormy tonight, and we've gotten some rain off and on.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

HIking in Pisgah Forest

We went hiking today, focusing on some new trails for us. We went to the English Chapel in the Pisgah National Forest in the Davidson River Recreation Area. I discovered the site through the geocaching web site. That was the easy hike! Then we went looking for a waterfall and ended up at the Looking Glass Mountain Rock Trail. We started hiking, not knowing how far we needed to go or what we were going to see or even the difficulty of the trail. I think I made it almost three-quarters of the way up the trail. The boys reached the summit. I had to stop and rest! We made a mistake--we forgot to take water with us, and the humidity was awful. A gentleman hiker was coming down. We chatted for a bit, and he offered me some water, which I accepted gladly. Then I started down the trail back to the truck. I hadn't been back long when ambulances and rescue squads started coming into the parking lot. They organized a crew to start up the trail, looking for someone who was in distress/unknown medical. I immediately said lots of prayers for the boys' safety. The team that went up first found John and Aaron, and they asked them if they had seen a female hiker who was in distress. The boys told the rescue team that their mom had gotten tired (yep) but should be back in the parking lot at the truck. Sure enough, the rescue team was looking for ME! The hiker had gone to the ranger station and told them that there was a female hiker on the Looking Glass Rock Trail who was in distress. Well, I was tired, I was thirsty, but I was not really in distress--at least not requiring medical care! But it is nice to know that strangers do take care of others and that there are rescue workers willing to take the risks to check on hikers! We have had a really good laugh about this!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What do you do when you can't go to sleep? That's my problem tonight. I have been to bed, but tossed and turned. I wrote stories in my head, counted sheep and blessings and backwards from 100. If anything, those things made me more awake. So, here I am at 1:30 in the morning reading my Bible and writing on my blog. What else can I do to make myself go to sleep?

It is Tuesday now, and it will be a busy day. I have to go out to Aaron's school to get him registered for the fall. Then it's back here to get the house cleaned up, especially the kitchen. We have made a mess with our canning! John wants to see the Harry Potter movie, but I don't know. With his work schedule, it's going to be tough to make it there at a reasonable time. And then there's the battle about Aaron seeing it with us. He went to see it today, and he says he wants to see it again, but he doesn't want to go tomorrow. Well, he does want to go; he just wants to see another movie instead. I don't think so.

So, perhaps the sleep is starting to kick in now, and I can get the rest I need.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I really need to do this. . . .

I am truly neglecting my blog. I haven't written here or in my paper journal in such a long time. I haven't scrapbooked or been creative in forever. So I need to get started.

  1. I will write for 30 minutes, some time during the day
  2. I will take some pictures/make photographs.
  3. I will plan some scrapbook time.
  4. I will read something.
  5. I will take care of me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Improvement

I think I need to improve my blog home as well. Today, I weeded the flower beds around the front porch, put down pine straw, and then stained the desking on the front porch and the deck at the atrium door. I am covered in Cabot Federal Blue stain! And I am tired. And I have no pictures--yet.

We are settling in quite well. I think tonight was the first night we had a carry-out supper--Chinese, because I was just too tired to cook. The boys were out--Aaron at Patience's and John working at Bi-Lo.

Tomorrow, I start going to the gym again. Just Us Girl, here I come.

As soon as the ball game is over, I'm going to bed. I am sleepy. And I will quit rambling.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home again

We are home. Sometimes, it doesn't feel like home. I wake up sometimes and think I'm in some fancy hotel, somewhere else other than my home. Other times, I cannot imagine being in any other place. I am reminded every day that God is good. We are making it slowly. We are recovering. We are getting settled. Right now, the important thing is to "live with" the house for awhile. I feel like I have the things we need. I do want a book case in the office, and I want a china cabinet for the dining room. I need some lamps. But we have the necessities.

I think learning to live with what I have is the best lesson I could have learned from the fire. I really want a lot of stuff, but I don't need those things. I have to learn restraint. I have to learn simplicity. Everything is good.